TikTok Stars Chris Olsen and Ian Paget revealed the reasons for their breakup. They got candid and explained why their relationship wasn’t working. In fact, “Pressure” led to their breakup.

Recently the TikTok duo announced their breakup news. They have decided to end their two-year romance. They opened up about the reasons behind the decision. In a YouTube video, they said, “Being in the public eye the way that we’ve been through these last like a year and a half, two years, is wild.”

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Ian said, “And extremely complex, layered, pressurized, so many things. For now, we’ve just decided that it would probably be in our best interest to be moving through the world unromantically.”

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Then he shared, “We’re OK and we want you guys to be OK. And we just wanted you guys to know, just because we’re not together in a romantic relationship, doesn’t mean that we can’t work on a very meaningful, deep connection and relationship. I will always love this human so much.”

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Chris explained, “When we started doing social media, we had only been together for seven months, and we also were just doing it for fun. It wasn’t like we got a TikTok and were like ‘Let’s get a job. Let’s make this our whole entire lives.’ And it just kind of happened that way.”

Chris and Ian are viewing it as a “shift” instead of an “end.”