The Being the Ricardos star Javier Bardem has made a rare comment on his family life with Penelope Cruz. The actor exclusively shared his secret to maintaining their power couple status.

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Recently the actor played a role in his upcoming movie as a Cuban-American TV star. The dad of two long-term private relationships with wife Penelope Cruz. The pair tied the knot in July 2010. They always like to be notoriously private about their romance. The couple has one son Leo and a daughter Luna.

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“Being the Ricardos” based on a real-life drama that visualizes the chemistry between Ball and Arnaz. The actor credits the instant chemistry and magic made possible by his co-star. He said, “We had no time to rehearse. But, the good thing was she was coming with a lot of work, and I was coming with a lot of work, and we just exchanged and it happened to work—meaning we were relying on each other and trusting each other to make the journey together.”

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The actor also explained, “When you have a family. You have to be more alert of making sure that there’s time for the family—which is, by far, what is most important.”