In a recent interview at the Drink Champs podcast, Big Sean expressed that Kanye West owes him $6million. He told the hosts, “I put at least $30million in [West’s] pocket or more, and he owes me money”

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Sean has signed West’s GOOD Music before launching his own music company. He said, “thinking Universal owed me this money, and the money had been paid to GOOD Music”. Sean also mentioned that he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for auditing his own label.

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Sean asked the hosts, “Let me ask you, bro if someone owed you $500,000 how would you feel?” Sean also explained to the hosts that gradually the amount became up to $6million. The singer explained, “What if they owed you that, bro? And you showed up for them and you did all these things, and they have billions?”

Sean also said that the money he’s owed is “even on [Ye’s] radar because when I see him, I respect him enough not to be bringing that shit up,” Then he added: “I got an auditor, this isn’t me making up a number.”

Sean also responded to podcast host, “I’m the only one who put out back-to-back-to-back Number Ones, platinum albums, double-platinum albums. And by the way, being signed to Kanye is a golden opportunity, he changed my life and I love him for that.”

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He concluded, “But every time Kanye has called on me, every single time no matter what I was doing, within one day’s notice I’m wherever he’s at bro, whether it’s to contribute to him in the studio, whether it’s to contribute a line, write a verse for him… I’ve traveled around the world for this man, every time he’s called.”