Toilet paper is a common daily necessary element in western countries. During this coronavirus pandemic, we have realized the value of these white rolling papers. We all have tried to store this daily necessary item in our house during the lockdown. Many government authorities have to fix the buying limit to maintain enough supply of this item in the market. But there is an alternative option of toilet paper and we can easily apply it. The best alternative to toilet paper is using a toilet bidet.

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Bidets are toilet bowls that can help you to clean your butt or vagina after using the bathroom. Basically, it applies a stream of water to complete the cleaning process. Instead of wiping with toilet paper, you have to clean your bottom with water. People around the world especially in Asia are using this process for years. It is a fountain-looking thing that is usually set next to the commode.

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You can enjoy a number of benefits by using a bidet. A wide number of countries in Europe and Asia are using this item as an eco-friendlier option. This way of cleaning is a healthier option compared to wiring out with toilet paper. A urologist in New York City, David Kaufman said, “A lot of people who come to see me have fairly significant irritation of their bottoms.” He also said, “Most of the time it has to do with overzealous cleaning”—wiping too vigorously with toilet paper or using wipes, which often contain harsh fragrances and chemicals.”

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Furthermore, using bidets can protect you from the spread of bacteria before and after sex. It also can reduce the irritation caused by wiping too much. So, you can install a bidet in your bathroom without any hesitation. You can find many convenient bidets available in the market. These will allow you to enjoy lots of modern features at an attractive rate.