In a new NikkieTutorials YouTube video, “Easy On Me” singer Adele shared her best beauty secrets. In this tutorial, she was in a make-up-free look. The singer showed all the beauty hack she learned over this quarantine.

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Adele’s latest YouTube appearance in a brand-new YouTube video of “NikkieTutorials” was a great surprise for fans. Because in this video Adel showed her super glory fresh face. Nikkie is famous for her viral videos and collaborations with other celebs. Previously Nikkie performed videos with other celebrities like Lady Gaga and Megan Thee Stallion.

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Though the make-up is worth looking at, the glorious bare skin of Adel was the main attraction of that video. Adele laughed and said, “You truly see the power of makeup when she does that with half my face for sure.” She also said, “I love a brow. But also if I don’t dye my brows—like these are dyed—I look like Voldemort,” Then she added, “They go so pale and blonde!”

Adele revealed that previously she took help from a professional make-up artist to do her make-up. But now during this pandemic, she is doing these all herself. She said, “One day I did a load of research, watched a YouTube video [and] ordered all the products on Amazon. I do it once a week on my own now.”

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She explained, “Also, without bragging, I do have such great eyes for makeup. I have my nana’s eyes. I have a real socket going on. I got it from my nana. Every time I meet a makeup artist they really go to town on my eyelids.”