The latest album ‘Inner Song’ proved lucky for Kelly Lee Owens. Because she has won the Welsh Music Prize 2021 for the great tracks of this album. She received the Welsh Music Prize’s first-ever prize fund of £10,000.

Credit: thefader

Kelly was nominated alongside The Anchoress’s “The Art of Losing” and Gruff Rhys’s “Seeking New Gods” for this award. It was a special achievement for this musician indeed. Because she was the winner out of the 12 shortlisted artists. Unfortunately, she was not able to attend the event due to her UK tour.

Kelly explained her feeling in this way, “Being recognized by my homeland in this way is so so special!” She also said, “DIOLCH YN FAWR!!!! [Thank you very much] I am absolutely over the moon to have won the 2021 @welshmusicprize!”

Credit: nme

She also wrote on social media following her victory, “Being recognized by my homeland in this way is so so special! Wales has shaped me as an artist & continues to be a place of inspiration to me. My nana Jeannette would be so proud.”

Credit: magneticmag

The co-founder of the Welsh Music awards Huw Stephens said, “We are thrilled for Kelly Lee Owens. The judges were all astounded by this album. Kelly Lee Owens has been so critically acclaimed for this record, and we are so happy that she is the 2021 Welsh Music Prize winner.”