Many people don’t follow a maintenance routine for their cars. Sometimes they simply forget to change their car fuel or wash the car regularly. But you can’t assume that some magical hand will take care of your car. You have to take care of your car daily. You need to get in the habit of regular car maintenance. You shouldn’t rely on your folks to remind you to get your tires rotated or oil changed. Here are some rudimentary tips that can ensure your car stays in tip-top shape.

Credit: Rohan Gangopadhyay

Clean windshield

You can use your time efficiently by cleaning the car windshield while waiting in a gas pump to fill your car tank. A dirty windshield is a safety hazard. This bug-splattered windshield can obscure your view of the road. So it is wise to give it a regular cleaning. Especially you have to clean windshield after an extended drive on the highway. Because of the highway, your windshield is littered with insect carcasses. So clean it properly to avoid any obscures your line of sight. If require give your dirty headlights a squeegeeing as well.

Credit: Manuel Mena

Check tire pressure

By maintaining proper tire pressure you can keep you safe on road. Improper and inflated tires increase the chance of a blow-out. In contrast, tires with the correct pressure have a longer life. It also increases your fuel efficiency. So car tire pressure is the thing that you need to consider wisely and regularly. As it constantly changes with the temperature fluctuation, you need to check it regularly and add air when requires. You can do it at every gas fill-up. Checking your tire pressure may take you less than two minutes. So do it to ensure your road safety.

Credit: Jesse Collins

Check oil level

You need to check the oil level and top off as needed. Motor oil is an important consideration for your car performance. It is essential to lubricate all the moving parts of your car engine. It transfers heat away from the combustion cycle. It holds all the nasty byproducts and sends it to the oil filter. When your car engine doesn’t have enough oil, it might be at risk of going kaput.

Credit: Pascale Moujaes

Therefore, instead of reading the advertisement for a credit card while waiting for your tank to fill in a gas pump, you can do some simple tasks to clean your car. It will also give your car a quick check-up.