A good breakfast should maintain a balanced diet. It needs to be taken within one hour of waking up. The breakfast should contain lots of protein and fat that can give you enough energy for the whole day. You can choose lower-glycemic carbs in the morning like non-starchy veggies, berries, herbs, or citrus. Pea, whey, and collagen are good sources of protein. If you like to eat bread then try to explore the world of whole grain. Whole grains will provide you lots of fiber. You can add eggs with some avocado or yogurt. If you wish you can try a green smoothie. But avoid extra sugar in those drinks.

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Eating breakfast before a workout is very helpful. By taking breakfast before hitting the gym, you can help your body to burn carbohydrates. During the sweat fest at the gym, this practice may help you to digest the food quickly. When you perform an exercise in between breakfast and lunch, it may speed up the clearance of glucose out of the bloodstream.

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Research says that three well-balanced meals a day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner are good for our health. To maintain good health we need to take a sufficient amount of calories. But the distribution of calories during the day is also extremely important. Recent research suggests that taking breakfast before a heavy workout can burn carbs properly. So skipping breakfast may not be a good choice. Somewhat, eating breakfast before performing exercise increases digestive power. Healthy breakfast will keep your blood sugar and insulin levels lower.

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Low-level aerobic activity before breakfast may tap into your fat-burning zone. You can perform a simple exercise like walking before taking your breakfast which can boost your fat burn. You might feel better saving more intense workouts for later in the day. It can absorb and metabolize the carbohydrates easily. The carbs that stored in muscles as glycogen can be burned during exercise. Yet more research is required to conclude the impact of eating before exercise. But by taking breakfast before your workout, you can burn the carbs more efficiently. It might allow you to enjoy better health outcomes and physical well-being.

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If you don’t like to take your breakfast early in the morning, then you can take some snacks before going for a workout. You can take a banana with almond or peanut butter. A handful of nuts also very effective before going for exercise. You also need to take protein-rich foods after performing an exercise.