After a period of stress or heavy thinking, you can be mentally exhausted. When you are dealing with mental fatigue, you will feel overwhelmed and out of touch with your emotions. It will cause a lack of enthusiasm for things that typically bring you joy. You will face some physical disorders like headaches, digestive problems, a change in appetite and disrupted sleep. You might also experience a lack of motivation and cynicism. Here are some tips to help you recharge and avoid future burnout.

Credit: Emma Frances Logan

Evaluate your physical needs

Our mind and body don’t work independently. Our mind and body have a close connection between them. So you need to check all your physical needs to keep your mind fresh. Never skimp on sleep. Because sleep may take a backseat to everything. When you’re under a lot of stress, your body may need even more sleep than usual. You may think that by cutting back on sleep, you will get more time to do things. But the reality is it will take longer to get things done and you will feel more exhausted. Proper quality sleep is very important to keep your bran tranquil. In the same way, you need to eat healthily and take regular physical exercise. You also need to be physically affectionate to improve your mood. Connecting intimately with your romantic partner will help you to relieve stress.

Credit: Killian Pham

Check your daily approach

After meeting your physical needs you have to evaluate your approach to perform daily activities. Maybe you are in a situation when you just have to complete some tasks. But you may have no time or energy to accomplish it. In this circumstance, your brain just gets exhausted and burnout.  It is better to take a step back for some clarity instead of fretting about everything you have to do. A big job can be overwhelming for you to start. But you can break the tasks down into smaller parts. Keep in mind that asking for help is not a bad practice. Whenever possible try to reach out to your co-workers, friends and family members. They may have a better understanding of a special perspective and can help you to perform a task in a new way. So ask for help and do what you can.

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Perform smarter, not harder

When your brain is fried you may not be able to perform perfectly. Mental exhaustion will create obstacles to produce better outcomes. It may cause depression in the long run. You need to try some smart habits to work efficiently. Review your daily habits and identify which are creating problems. Take notes of regular activities and important points so that you can plan accordingly. Nature has a positive impact on our mind and body. Keep an indoor plant at your working desk to stay close to nature. It will refresh your mind and keep your brain peaceful.

Credit: Yoann Boyer

Moreover, it is natural to feel fried sometimes. Usually when we are in a period of high stress. If it happens frequently, it may create problems in our daily life. At this point, it is required to evaluate our daily activities and thinking process. But if you feel chronically drained then it’s better to consult with your healthcare provider to take the necessary treatment.