Protein water is a combination of protein powder and water. Nowadays you can find it in a prepackaged container. People used it to rehydrate after a workout. Whey protein isolate is the most common protein that is used in this water. It is extracted from cow’s milk. Other types of proteins like plant-based proteins or animal-based collagen peptides are also used in this product. Nevertheless, the important question is whether the protein water is necessary or healthy. Here we will illustrate a quick overview of protein water that may explain to you whether you should go for it or not.

High in protein but low in calories

Though protein water is high in protein, it provides relatively few calories. It also contains a good number of vitamins and minerals. As whey protein and animal collagen are a good source of calcium and magnesium so protein water is also rich in minerals. Calcium and magnesium are very important for bone health. Notwithstanding, some protein water contains added sweeteners, artificial dyes, and flavor to increase the taste.

Who should take protein water?

Usually, we take protein from our daily diet. But some people like athletes may need more protein than average. By drinking protein water they can meet the daily requirement of proteins and minerals. It will help them to maintain a balanced diet.

Protein water is a very well-known component as a post-workout drink in the fitness community. It has a good effect on the body who is highly active. The people who are engaged in resistance training require more protein. Protein water helps them with muscle recovery and growth. Indeed, highly active people can easily meet their protein needs via dietary sources. But drinking protein water after a hard workout isn’t harmful.

By increasing protein intake you may help your weight-loss initiative. More protein can boost your metabolism. It also helps you to rise the feeling of fullness. As you are consuming lower calories so it aids you to lose your weight. In sum, protein water is a good choice for those who are highly active like athletes, those who want to lose their weight and those who require more protein for treatment purposes.

However, it is unnecessary to take protein water for most of the general people or to promote weight loss. You can take a sufficient amount of protein by consuming whole foods. So most people don’t need to take protein water to meet the protein requirement of the body. When you rely only on protein water and avoid food sources to fill the protein need of your body, it will not bring a good result. It may jeopardize the variety of amino acids of the protein you consume. Amino acids are the main building blocks of protein. If you want to maintain optimal health you need to get a variety of them. Hence, it is good to meet your demand for protein by maintaining a regular healthy diet.