The sand, the sun, the sound of the waves… there is nothing like the beach. Beaches are among the most popular touristic destinations all over the world and if you are a beach lover, you can certainly have the time of your life whether you are going to relax or to party, no matter which country you are in. Here are some of the best and most fun activities for beach lovers:


  1. Surfing

While surfing is a professional sport that requires discipline, constant training and some dedicated knowledge; you can always have a lot of fun trying to surf at the sea when you are on a casual trip to the beach.

Several beaches in many countries have dedicated agencies that offer different water sports, and while surfing is not one of the sports that you can enjoy with a professional instructor, as long as you know how to swim and take the appropriate safety measures, you should at least give it try. Besides, who knows? Maybe you’ll discover that you are better at it than you would have imagined and you will certainly have the time of your life if you manage to ride at least one wave.


  1. Build sandcastles

There are many people who love the beach but do not particularly love the sea. Whether it is due to fear of drowning or the unpleasant sensation you get after the salty seawater dries on your body, you certainly do not have to get into the water to really enjoy a trip to the beach.

Sandcastles have been featured in movies and general media several times, and while the stereotypical sandcastle might look a little dull and boring to make, the reality is that building sandcastle is a true art and the possibilities are as big as your skill and your imagination.


A little tip for beginners is to fill your mould with sand, make a hole inside it and pour just a little water –the most common mistake is to overflow the sand with water, which leaves you with a soggy and unusable paste- for maximum strength of the base. But, if you are interested in creating a fantastic piece of sand art, there are many tutorials online to get the foundations right and, after you learn them in just a few minutes, you can have a lot of fun designing wild sandcastles!


  1. Tanning

These first three examples probably exemplify perfectly the three types of beach-loving people. While surfing is for the adventurers and building sandcastles is for the creative people, tanning is for people who love to look amazing.

Actually, many people go to the beach just for the specific purpose of tanning, since a great tan enhances your looks and gives you personality, while the process of lying under the sun for hours is incredibly relaxing and enjoyable.


You should know, though, that long exposure to sunlight can be incredibly hazardous to humans, ranging from sunburns to increasing the probability of getting skin cancer. You should always use proper sunscreen before exposing your skin to the sun, you should avoid the midday sunlight –which is the most harmful- and you definitely shouldn’t tan for too long. If you take these precautions, you will get a perfect tan while your health remains intact.


  1. Go sailing

Sailing with your friends is an amazing experience for everyone involved. There are several boats available for rental in several sizes, and you are guaranteed to find one that fits your entire group.

The great thing about sailing is that it is a versatile experience. There are several party plans that include a free bar and snacks if you want a fun and thrilling experiences or there are also family plans that include a fancy dinner while you enjoy the sunset on board of a boat in the ocean.


No matter what is the spirit of your trip to the beach, sailing will definitely be a joyful and unforgettable experience for everyone.


  1. Have dinner on the sand

There is probably nothing more luxurious than dressing up with all your friends and having dinner next to the ocean while the sun is setting. The beautiful breeze and the relaxing sound of the waves crashing against the shore is everything you need to have a fancy and elegant experience.

You can either organize the dinner with your friends –and even cook it if you are feeling like it- or you can hire one of many catering services that solve any complications for you. They bring everything you need –tables, cutlery, waiters and chairs- and they have several menu options available for you to choose your favorite. While this might sometimes be a little expensive, it is definitely worth it.


  1. Go scuba diving

Reserved only for the most adventurous, scuba diving is an amazing activity that you can perform at many beaches around the world. You just need to rent the equipment and take some basic lessons and then, accompanied by a professional in charge of your safety, you will be able to dive into the ocean and see all the amazing marine flora and fauna that the ocean you are in has to offer.