A larger percentage of body health depends on us; there is more than you can imagine when it comes to lifestyle and daily activities. The food we eat, how and when we sleep, and the people we interact with are significant in shaping our lives. While it is important to check the environment around on how it influences our health and lifestyle, human activities are crucial in determining healthy lifestyles.

A healthy lifestyle not only involves our physic but also the mental part. Human activities influence personality, which has a huge impact on emotional and physical well-being. A healthy lifestyle can be defined from various perspectives depending on social constructions and the availability of resources. How natives in one continent live is different from others in the extreme end of the world; the food, daily activities are unique in every region. All these are factors that define the lifestyle of a specific group of people.

When analyzing aspects of a healthy lifestyle, each location has its elements to consider that describe the condition as normal. It is challenging to apply aspects of one community to another when describing a lifestyle because they are all of different beliefs and traditions. Nevertheless, the human body has similar needs and conditions for normal growth thus the following four components of healthy lifestyle irrespective of location, age, and race.

  1. Quality Nutrition

In the 21st century, everyone is busy. There is hardly time for cooking; the few people that strive to prepare a decent meal do not put in the required time to wait for food to cook properly. We are always in haste; when shopping for groceries, we usually forget the essential elements that constitute a balanced diet according to nutrition experts. We prefer fast cooking meals, which lead us to fast-food restaurants and high carbs, which is detrimental to the human body. The effect of high carbs in relation to high blood sugar cannot be overstated, it interferes with the mental state and body systems.

Quality nutrition involves appropriate proportions of water, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals. It is important to spare time and research on the availability of these elements in different natural products and strive to balance them on our plates. Online material is in abundance on nutrition; there are also more than enough experts in the nutrition field that can guide you with maintaining a healthy lifestyle on basis of nutrition.


  1. Avoid excess alcohol and smoking

The effect of drug abuse cannot be overemphasized; it is no way of leading a healthy. Of course, there are justified arguments on benefits of alcohol to the human body. However, it is important to note that the drink is for pleasure and nothing medicinal. It is not food hence contributes nothing to growth and nourishment of body tissues and cells. In fact, the liver treats alcohol as a threat to the body; immediately it enters the bloodstream, the liver works on overdrive to expel components of alcohol out of the body through urine. Besides, it is high in calories and sugar content, which overworks insulin hence triggering health complications. If you have to drink, let it be a maximum of two bottles in 24 hours.

Smoking is simply harmful. A healthy lifestyle does not correspond with intake of tobacco; the element interferes with the functionality of the lungs and air passage thus causing further health complications. Most smokers have trouble with breathing, itching, and challenge in fighting pathogens because natural immunity is impaired. Prolonged smoking can cause death.

  1. Physical activity

There is more than enough scientific evidence on the benefits of exercise to the human body; regular exercise is directly linked to long life and decreased health complications. Exercise helps in keeping the spine and muscle in the proper tone. Also, the circulatory system is largely influenced by exercise. When you engage your body in any physical activity, whether rigorous or mild, the heart rate increases thus pumping more blood in high pressure around the body. The arteries that transport blood from the heart also increases in diameter to accommodate blood pressure. The transport system is an important element of the human body; proper functioning of the transport system ensures vitamins and minerals are supplied consistently to body tissues. Oxygen supply is also dependent on the circulatory system.

Besides, physical activity influences the mind. Regular exercise alleviates stress levels by engaging the brain and nerves in rigorous activity; physical health and functioning of body tissues and organs, which define a lifestyle, are largely dependent on mental health.

  1. Adequate sleep

Rest is important for the human body; most of growth and regeneration of tissues happen when the body is at rest. Working and studying hard is important in life but the fruits will not be realized if you are unhealthy; sleep should not be compromised for any reason. It is important to condition the body with respect to bedtime and hours of sleep. Adequate sleep depends on the age where infants and toddlers need more sleep than adults; the average sleeping hours for an adult is 8-10 hours. Apart from growth and regeneration of tissues and cells, the mind also rests and handles challenges experienced during the day. Good sleep reenergizes your body organs hence readiness for the next day’s activity.