Franken houses are those ill-fated houses that are renovated without any planning over years. There are several reasons that a house ends up in this situation such as not having proper plans before renovating, not hiring professionals for conducting large remodeling, and not taking planning ideas from people in the business. Inexperienced homeowners who don’t value the importance of good design can morph a perfectly good house into a Franken house. Franken house can be remodeled in some ways.

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Clear the floor traffic- Often these houses have terrible floor plans that make the traffic messy. A dysfunctional floor plan can make the living experience very poor. If a house has the same problem, design a floor plan that is not restricted by unnecessary walls. Try to clear the traffic flow nightmare by remodeling the house according to a professional’s idea. In addition, incorporate open spaces into a floor.

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Make room ratios proportionate- One can easily detect a house if it is a Franken house by looking at its room ratio. Five-bedroom-to-one-bathroom ratio is an example of it. Inadequate infrastructure is not good when the house becomes crowded. An unproportionate kitchen or open space is also an issue. Discuss with the residents of the house what is their requirement regarding the room allocation. Make a substantial plan and work to clear the wrong room ratio.

Try to join some rooms- often it is observed that Franken houses have an illogical setting of rooms. There might be a huge kitchen but no living room. Or it can be seen that a kitchen is located just beside the study room. Pair up the kitchen with dining room, study with bedrooms.

Create closets in bedrooms- One of the prominent signs of a Franken house is having no closet in any bedroom. Most owners do that when they want to make the bedroom space a bit large. Most renovators deduct the closet space to make a bigger shower area. This mistake costs the homeowner later. Create closet space in the bedroom so it can serve its purpose.

Keep space between the neighbors- Some owners do not keep space between their homes and neighbors’ property. This is not beneficial for anyone. Creating giant houses is not going to improve life quality for the residents. Make an area beside both houses so air and sunlight can pass through easily. This will turn the house into a livelier space.

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Landscaping in a tasteful manner- Love for plants is nothing new among homeowners. But many people don’t know what best suits their house and over time they gather various trees that grow and turn the house into a jungle. Consider the location, house type, size, and weather of the area before renovating the landscape. Think about a color schema of plants and flowers that complements the house.