Purchasing a home is already a hectic job. A real estate agent can lower the pressure. If the agent is not good enough, then the house buying process can be pretty tough. Here are a few signs that indicate a bad real estate agent.

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Drops the ball on communication

In the fast-moving real estate business, communication is the key. If the agent and the client won’t have a clear and understanding discussion, then it is not possible to find the perfect house. A delayed response from the agent can result in the loss of a great deal. If the agent doesn’t communicate properly or doesn’t respond on time, this may be a sign of a bad real estate agent.

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Does real estate as a side gig

Everyone has to start from somewhere. A new agent may juggle multiple jobs to be sure of what they want to do in life. If they are doing the property business as a side hustle or consider this as a part-time job; the agent might not be passionate about the task. Being a real estate agent takes a lot. In addition, this type of agent has lack experience, seriousness, and quality.

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Works for their agenda

An agent should be as enthusiastic as the owners. The job of an agent is to find the best house for the client, not to sell the house that they have in their mind. If an agent is potentially a commission grabber, you have chosen the wrong agent.