Millennials are the largest section of homebuyers in the present day. Many of them are entering their 30s and investing for the first time in a home. Due to their tech-heavy lifestyle, and different work schedule; their home buying requirements are different from previous generations. A few points that millennials consider before purchasing a home are:

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Smart home technology

A survey shows that 63% of millennials search for their home on their smartphone. So, this shouldn’t be a surprise that millennials would want smart technology in their homes. Automatic lighting, home security, smart locks, and video surveillance are on top of the priority list when it comes to purchasing a home.

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Suburban location

Young buyers are choosing suburban areas to live in. Which is different from the previous generation. Due to affordable houses and various amenities, Millennials gravitate towards homes in suburban areas. While buying a home they are also considering open spaces for a walk, a better education institute in the vicinity of the house, and a proper commute route.

Open concept

Millennials are interested in purchasing a house that has more open space. Rather than having multiple rooms and closed sections, they are looking for bigger spaces with less confinement. Unlike their predecessors, millennials enjoy cooking with their friends and loved ones in an open area. Closed-off dining rooms are not on top of the list. In addition, an open floor has an airy appeal for them.

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Updated kitchen and bathrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms are now serving more than their original purposes. These rooms are considered a lifestyle arena. Technological improvement has provided modern touch to the appliances. Voice-activated faucets, recessed lighting, and central islands with a sink or range are the new editions to the modern kitchen that millennials prefer.