Not being an accounting expert. Business accounting is just not keeping checks off boxes. If a new business does not have a team of professionals and experts in the account, the company can lose profit.

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Your time is more worthy than you think. Newcomers in the business often make the mistake of micromanaging things and consider them as saving assets. But it should be remembered that time could be more valuable and need to be used efficiently. Inaccuracies cause higher costs. Making a mistake while calculating your tax is common. In this situation,  hiring a professional is a good way to minimize your cost. Otherwise, you have to spend more than expected.

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Don’t use the numbers if you can trust them. Sometimes at the initial stage business owners are not aware of the consequences. If the data doesn’t seem right, don’t invest in it. Furthermore, don’t use the manual method for accounting calculations. Not investing in proper accounting software will result in time waste and faulty worksheets.

Neglecting the month-end close. If the calculation of expenses doesn’t seem to be correct, go over it again. If you are not solving the issue right now and postpone it for a while, it will cost you more. Using two or more separate accounting systems. Don’t make the mistake of checking your balance in two different systems. It will create confusion and you will not be able to make a decision.

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Under-calculating the cost. Before assessing the cost of the products and service, add a bit more price to it. It will help you to tackle any unexpected situations. You can manage these unexpected issues as you already have a backup plan. Not appointing a tax consultant. Tax calculation is a complex procedure. Sometimes business owners make mistakes to calculate the actual payable amount. Because company tax rates are not like the general household tax system. Appointing a tax consultant can be a wise decision.

Hiring an inefficient employee is also responsible for losing profit in the long run. Never try to save money by appointing incompetent workers. If they are not running the business properly, you will not be able to earn profit.