Overheating is a common issue for those who are using phones for a long time. It often happens when we rely on our phones for performing everyday work. Presently most of us are very much dependent on our phones. We use it to accomplish all our daily or professional activities as well now using it even in our leisure time. So, it can be super frustrating if the mobile device faces any trouble.

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Similarly, overheating is annoying most Android users and it is caused by an internal processing chip. Android Authority also admitted the issue and mentioned that this issue is out of your control. Because this overheating is happening due to an internal chip designed by a company called ARM. Samsung and Qualcomm are also using processing chips for Android smartphones.

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Recently Samsung has decided to slow down the performance of certain apps to prevent overheating issues. Android Authority reported that some applications might be responsible for overheating. But Apple has been using the same design for the iPhones application processors and they are not experiencing issues. So, some experts assumed that this issue will not all be related to ARM’s design. They think that it could be part of the manufacturing process.

Android Authority said, “Meanwhile, Qualcomm is developing application processors for use by multiple manufacturers, perhaps hinting at less efficient optimizations. Although, you could argue that Samsung has a similar manufacturing optimization advantage as Apple so this explanation seems unlikely.”

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Android Authority also added, “Hopefully Qualcomm and Samsung will figure out an effective way to tune their designs to rival Apple’s energy efficiency. Otherwise, overheating phones and thrilled processors may become the new norm.”