A beautiful garden can make your outdoor space more attractive to buyers. It is a great way to add curb appeal to your home. Many homeowners invest a lot in garden furniture, painting fences, and planting. But some gardening features can decrease the home value. For example, a messy garden will create bad appeal to the buyers of your property. Here we are suggesting some garden features that can devalue your home.

Credit: kaodim

Selecting inappropriate plants

Plants are good to create an amazing appearance in your front yard. But homeowners should be a little bit tricky while choosing these plants. Because not all plants grow at a rapid pace. Some plants like Japanese knotweed, Rhododendron Ponitcum, and Green Alkanet are difficult to maintain. If these plants are planted near the home wall, it causes structural damage in the long run. It is also not wise to use weed that can spread rapidly and uncontrollably.

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Artificial grass 

It is a low-maintenance option, especially for those who have younger children or pets. But it has a huge negative impact on buyers’ impressions. Most of the buyers like to have natural grass in the garden instead of artificial grass.

Outdated garden furniture

A garden represents homeowners’ enthusiasm and level of aestheticism. But outdated odd-looking garden furniture is enough to ruin the whole image of a garden. Buyers always try to find a home where they have to invest less in outdoor decoration. So, if your garden has old, not good-looking furniture and accessories, buyers will not show interest to buy the home.

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Large water feature 

A beautiful water feature in your garden can add a huge aesthetic appeal indeed. But a large water feature in a small garden can devalue the home instead. Because water features like koi ponds will be expensive for homeowners to maintain. Many buyers will like to avoid such expenses after purchasing a home.