Amid the Russian Invasion, Johnny Bananas has made a humanitarian trip to Ukraine. Recently MTV’s “The Challenge” star has joined a humanitarian convoy to deliver aid to Ukrainians who are affected by the Russian war.

Credit: tvinsider

The humanitarian convoy was led by the refugee foundation “Humanosh”. The 39-year-old delivered medical and other supplies to people in Ukraine with the member of the foundation. Johnny Bananas participated in this humanitarian initiative when one of his friends asked him to join.

Johnny said, “I just wanted to contribute in some way shape, or form,” the reality star said. “And it’s easy to be like, I want to donate money to the Red Cross, or whatever. And that’s all fine and great, but I feel like I am able-bodied enough…my skills would be better put to use if I was actually able to like go and contribute and be on the ground.”

Credit: eonline

Johnny first flew to Poland where he met Ukrainian refugees. He explained the situation of a refugee woman, “She goes, ‘she has no idea what’s even going on right now—she kind of thinks she’s on a trip. But she said, ‘We had to leave with nothing. We had to leave with the clothes on our back.'”

Credit: dailymail

The reality star also contributed something personal. He posted a photo on Instagram while playing guitar with two children sitting in strollers at a train station in Warsaw. He wrote, “We sat down for probably three, four hours as people came off the train and kind of milled around this little area they were in, just handing out candy and playing guitar and just danced with them and sang with them,” Johnny also added, “It was just another way for me to just kind of use…one of my talents to help put a smile on people’s faces.”