How To Teach Your Kids About The Importance of Consent


To make a respectful relationship, we must admit the importance of consent. But sometimes we forget to take consent. Whether it is in your family or your workplace maintaining the proper way of taking consent is crucial. Every adult should be aware of asking for consent from another side. Even you are dealing with a kid, it is very important to ask for his or her consent. When you take consent from your child, they can realize the importance of consent. Many parents are struggling to make headway in this area. Here we are suggesting some effective tips to make a start.

Make your home a safe place

It is wise to establish your home as a safe place to talk to your child. Sometimes we don’t feel comfortable talking about sexuality and relationship education. But it is very important to provide the right knowledge about sex to your child and it is the family members who can guide their kids appropriately. Professor of Western Sydney University Kerry Robinson said, “…. have it set up early with your child that when they talk about certain things you give open, simple, honest answers. Then you set a precedent that you can build on.”

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Professor Robinson also advised, “Straight away you’re setting a pattern of not answering and putting it off. Kids learn really quickly that this is a taboo subject. They will talk to their friends about it: they won’t talk to their parents and other adults about it because it’s taboo.”

Encourage them to express

Mutual consent is very important and parents have to teach the kids about it. It is better to teach them how to express their feelings. The kids should be aware of their rights. It should be clear that they also have the right to say no. Parents should not try repeated attempts to negotiate with their kids for a different outcome. Similarly, kids also need to know they can refuse others to perform any particular acts.

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Inspire them to make a decision

Taking decisions is the central consent strategy for children. When your kids play with other children encourage them to select their own choice. If you have a teenage kid, you can request him or her to help her and ask for consent. Thus, in every stem teach them about the consent process. Your kids should know that permission-seeking is a vital piece in any respectful relationship.

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