Know About Food Coma


After eating a massive feast, you may feel uncomfortable and this situation is known as a food coma. You may also feel that when you went back to the buffet for another plate. This experience is also common during any occasion or dinner party. When you feel it is happening, there is nothing to do. Because it is already too late and you have to face it. Here we are suggesting to prevent it based on a gastroenterologist recommendation.

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A certified gastroenterologist Samantha Nazareth said, “The brain blood flow. It is highly, highly regulated and just doesn’t shut down for any reason.” She also said, “The direct translation from that is after-meal sleepiness.” Symptoms of a food coma include sleepiness, feeling groggy, or wanting to take a nap.”

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There are certain causes of food coma. But eating a meal filled with high-carb is the main cause of this situation. It spikes the blood sugar level and signals the body to rest and digest. Nazareth said, “eating high-carb and high-sugar foods might not necessarily trigger a food coma unless you eat a lot of them at once.”

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It can be prevented by maintaining a regular nap schedule. Because the lack of proper sleep can contribute to a food coma. Eating smaller meals and staying active are some other ways to prevent this health issue. That’s why Nazareth suggested, “Any activity increases alertness. It’s also good for digestion.”