What To Eat After Workout?


Regular sweat sessions are always good for your overall health. It can refresh your mind and at the same time can keep your body fit. But after doing exercise you may like to take some foods or drinks which is also very important to provide the best fuel to your body.

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Because the right way of exercising as well as taking food may support your heart health and immune system. A perfect diet plan after regular exercise will help you to build lean and strong muscle. It also can help you to release stress. But the main concern is what we should eat after a daily workout.

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A Seattle-based registered dietitian nutritionist, Ginger Hultin said, “Fueling properly post-workout helps preserve lean body mass (i.e. muscle) and support the body as it recovers from the short-term stress of intense fitness.”

She also explained, “While carbohydrates are generally the focus pre-workout, foods that contain the protein are key after your fitness routine,” Then she added, “Depending on your goals, I often recommend a low-fat, but not ‘no-fat’ product, so you get access to all three macros post-workout.”

Experts recommend consuming 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrates and 10 to 30 grams of protein. But you need to remember that this instruction may vary based on age, sex, and the types of exercise you are doing. It is just a rule of thumb.

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That’s why Hultin said, “The important thing to know is that many sources of protein are also natural sources of fat (think: nuts, seeds, dairy, soy, and animal products like eggs and meat) so if you focus on the protein, you’ll generally get a little fat naturally along with it.”