People From The UK Are Likely To Need A Boost Jab To Travel


The prime minister of the UK Boris Johnson has confirmed that travelers who want to travel without quarantine or restrictions need a booster jab. He also encouraged the nation to get three jabs.

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The prime minister said three jabs “will make life easier”. That’s why the authority will add booster jabs to the NHS app for travel. Now 22 percent of the UK is currently triple-jabbed. So, the government is urging people to get vaccinated before winter hits.

Earlier it is announced that the booster program will be extended. The main reason for this extension was to include people aged 40 and over. Eventually, all adults will be called forward to get a third dose.

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During a Downing Street press conference, the prime minister said, “The country would have to adjust the concept of what constitutes a full vaccination”. He also added: “I think that we will be making plans to add the booster dose to the NHS Covid travel pass.”

Then the prime minister added, “But again, I think what the general lesson is for anybody who wants to travel, you can see that getting fully vaccinated with a booster is going to be something that will, on the whole, make your life easier in all kinds of ways including foreign travel.”

Travel experts are welcoming this initiative. Travel editor Rory Boland said: “It’s welcome news that the government is looking to add evidence of booster vaccinations to the NHS app.”

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He also said, “This issue has some urgency as other countries have already introduced the requirement to have had a booster jab as they limit the validity of vaccines, but with UK residents currently unable to provide evidence that they have done so they risk being turned away from the plane on their next trip.”