Are Selena Gomez And Chris Evans Dating?


Fans are curious to know more about the romance rumors of Selena Gomez and Chris Evans. Here are we have tried to break down the alleged “clues” that started these curious rumors.


Although the 29-year-old pop star and Captain America have not declared anything officially, huge rumors have floated on social media that Selena and Evans are now romantically involved. It is heard that the two stars are working together on a film. Though it has not been verified yet.

The rumors started when they started following each other on Instagram. Earlier Selena does not follow Evans but he does follow Selena’s account. However, it is not clear when he started following her.


One of the Gomez fans posted on Twitter an image of two stars appearing separately. The fan claimed, “Chris Evans and Selena Gomez were spotted leaving the same restaurant.”


However, the photo of Evans was shot in October 2013 while carrying a cardboard box in Los Angeles and the posted pic of Gomez was actually taken at the Pilates studio in Los Angeles in 2017.