What is Enmeshment Relationship?


An enmeshment relationship is an emotional condition between two or more people in which personal boundaries are not clear. It is problematic because it creates over involvement in each other’s lives prevent each other to be independent and responsible for their own choices.

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In this relationship, individuals start to lose their own emotional identity. They always concern about their partner’s feelings. To grow emotionally and relationally, we all need a certain level of autonomy. But this type of relationship increases dependency and sometimes a person cannot learn to take basic decisions of their life.

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Close relationships are a wonderful part of life. If a relationship creating obstacles for personal development, it shouldn’t be continued.

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A good relational balance is very important in every family. Good family bonding involves helps the family members to recognize their strengths and weakness. As a separate human beings, we all have different emotions and can make independent decisions. Every family member should learn this basic statement.