20th Anniversary Edition Of ’10 000Hz Legend’ Was Announced By Air


Air has announced a 20th-anniversary edition of ’10 000Hz Legend’ which was their second album released in 2001. By releasing a special version of the album, they want to celebrate the two-decade milestone.

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The French duo released their debut album ‘Moon Safari’ in 1998. This album was lauded by NME for its “sheer level of invention”. Then Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel worked hard on the original record of ’10 000Hz Legend’. 

Air has confirmed that the album will be available on November 5. Fans will be able to pre-order it. However, it is currently only available on French Amazon. The latest edition of ’10 000Hz Legend’ will also come with the bonus track ‘The Way You Look Tonight. This song previously appeared on the Japanese version of the record.

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During a recent interview, Air’s Nicolas Godin spoke about ‘The Way You Look Tonight. He said, “We didn’t know what to think about that track, but the night we were recording, Michael Stipe from R.E.M. was in our studio in Paris and said: ‘Wow! I love that track – you should finish it and release it”

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Then he recalled, “And I did vocals and played this stupid fiddle and I thought the song was really bad, but he told us it was good – so we did the song because of him.” He also added, “If we’re able to find that magic, we’ll go into the studio,” he continued. “But if not, we’ll move aside and let other people make those magic records.”