Jack Antonoff And Lucy Dacus’s Texas Shows Will Be Donated To Abortion Charities


Jack Antonoff and Lucy Dacus have announced that their upcoming Texas shows will be donated to abortion charities to support access to the abortion movement. Their pledges following the introduction of the state’s new anti-abortion bill.

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The latest legislation Senate Bill 8 bans abortions in Texas. This bill makes the state the most restrictive in the US regarding access to abortion. The bill makes no exceptions for victims of rape. Anyone involved in facilitating an abortion will be charged a minimum of $10,000.

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It prohibits aborting when cardiac activity can be detected. But this activity of the baby usually occurred around six weeks. At this time most of the women may not even know they are pregnant. A number of artists have raised their voices against that bill. Some are now pledging their support through donating to abortion charities.

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Jack Antonoff will be performing a number of shows in Texas next month. He pledges his support on Twitter He wrote, “my texas shows will benefit abortion funds from now until when these laws are changed – making plans with the @allycoalition now to find the best organizations in the areas.”