Why We Shouldn’t Wash Eggs Before Eating?


Many of us like to rinse the eggshell to make sure there is no dirt or germs. Especially in this coronavirus pandemic, we all are concern about viral infection. That’s why we all want to wash all the products that come from outside. But we also have to be aware that this disinfection process should not be harmful to our health.

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We want to wash the eggs before we crack them or boil them. But we are not aware that washing eggs might not be an effective and healthy way at all. Washing eggs before cooking may do more harm than good.

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When we wash our favorite eggs, it removes all the natural protective coating called “bloom”. So, the habit of washing eggs under running water can push the bacteria inside the egg and can contaminate the inner part of the egg easily.

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That’s why you should avoid washing chicken eggs before cooking them. Rather we can store those eggs for few hours so that any virus becomes inactive if there are any. Thus, we can keep ourselves healthy by consuming healthy eggs.