Lorde Says She Wants To Collaborate With Harry Styles


In an interview, Lorde has opened up about her vision. She said that she wants to work with Harry Styles in the near future.

Credit: pitchfork.com

Lorde explained, “I just feel like he and I are kind of on a similar tip right now. He seems to be in such a flower child state of mind, or really feel the effects of the natural world on the music that he’s been making.”

The musician also said, “I don’t know, I have a vision. I need him to call me.” When the host asked her which artist, she’s “dying to collaborate with” she responded, “I kinda want to talk to Harry Styles.”

Credit: people.com

Recently Lorde’s new album, ‘Solar Power’ has been released. It is her first material album. Her acclaimed album “melodrama” was released in 2017. Lorde shared the album’s title track last month and now the second single “Stoned At The Nail Salon” is arrived for the audience.

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NME said about the album, “This is an album that grows in quiet stature with every listen, new nuggets of wisdom making their way to the surface, peeking through its beautiful instrumentation that weaves a stunning, leafy tapestry. Few artists strike gold on every record they create but, for the third time in a row, Lorde has done it again, crafting yet another world-beater.”