Jason Tartick Defends His Fiancée Kaitlyn Bristowe From “Nasty Comments”


Bachelor Nation’s Jason Tartick condemned the criticism his fiancée Kaitlyn Bristowe has received about the way she looks. Jason is standing up for Kaitlyn when she has endured bad remarks online.

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Jason said, “I don’t know why people think it’s OK to say the s–t they do on Twitter. There’s so many things in this world we can control, and there’s so many things we can’t control. Our looks and things like that are most of the things we can’t control. And the way that people make comments, nasty comments, about people’s appearances—and obviously, specifically, I’m referring to Kaitlyn—it’s grotesque. It’s a joke.”

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He also added, “I don’t see why people have to do that. And the other thing is, the fact that it’s usually women putting other women down is just insane. When Chris Harrison was up there, were people talking about Chris Harrison’s looks? Or when a guy’s up there?”

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After two years of dating, Jason proposed to Kaitlyn this May. Such remarks have been a painful part of the hosting experience for Jason. That’s why he said, “People see it, people hear it and they feel it, and whether they show it or not, it’s gotta end.”