Do You Get Delta Variant, if You Already Had COVID-19?


Delta now becomes the most dominant variant in the world. But the good news is people who previously had COVID-19 might be protected from acquiring the delta variant. Because those who have had COVID-19 may have some antibody levels which can protect them from reinfection. Even it does occur, the illness tends to be mild.

Credit: Juraj Varga

But immunity system doesn’t work similarly for everyone. Many people possess a durable immune response while some may generate a weak immune response. These people are still at a risk.

Credit: iqbal nuril anwar

Experts suggest people get at least one vaccine dose who already have had COVID-19. It will help them to boost their antibody levels. Infectious disease expert Dr. Amesh Adalja said, “We know that reinfection is not a common occurrence, at least in the short term with the original variant of the virus as well as some of the other variance.”

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A study from the Cleveland Clinic found that the rate of reinfection is essentially the same among those who previously had COVID-19 and those who were vaccinated. Another study from Qatar revealed the same result. Immune responses may vary from person to person. But in most cases, previous infections provide good protection against severe illness.