Drummer Bryan St. Pere Has Died At Age 52


The drummer for rock band Hum Bryan St. Pere has passed away. The sad news was confirmed by the band on social media.

Band members Matt Talbott, Tim Lash, and Jeff Dimpsey shared the death news on social media. They mentioned the incident as “sudden and unexpected”.

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They wrote, “Bryan was a dear friend, a loving father, brother, and was an incredible person and musician. We all feel extremely lucky to have shared time and space with him. Peace and love to all who knew Bryan, and those he touched. We will miss him dearly.”

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St. Pere joined the influential illusion rock band Hum in 1990. He had a passion for drums since the early age of life. In an interview, St. Pere said, “It’s like the only band I listened to for two years, maybe three years. Like, eighth grade, sophomore year of high school, it was all Rush.”

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Pere performed on all five of the band’s albums including the most well-known track ‘Stars’ from 1995’s ‘You’d Prefer An Astronaut’. He also performed on the band’s surprise 2020 album, ‘Inlet’. It was the first record of the band in over two decades.