Inability Of Adapting Stress May Lead To Depression


It is known that stress over a sustained period can lead to depression. But how chronic stress leads to depression is still unclear to scientists. A recent study shows that inability to produce an adaptive response to elevated everyday stress may lead to depression. This inability of adapting response to stress may create problems in the daily activities of a person.

Credit: Grae Dickason

Clinical depression is one of the most common mental health conditions in the United States. Recent research shows that stress of the current COVID-19 pandemic may be associated with an increase in self-reported depression and anxiety symptoms. Adults under 30 years old are particularly vulnerable to this mental disorder.

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When you experience stress over a prolonged period, it may increase the risk of depression. Because long-time stress is associated with the development of depression. One of the major symptoms of depression is the inability to anticipate. You may feel pleasure while performing daily activities.

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However, a comprehensive understanding of how chronic stress leads to depression is not still clear to the researchers. Some evidence suggests that a brain region may be involved in mediating these effects of chronic stress that yield depression.