Can Dietary Patterns Influence Cancer Risk?


The association between food choice and cancer risk is complicated. Because many factors contribute to the development of chronic diseases like cancer. Here we have tried to explain how diet may influence cancer risk.


Researchers are predicting that cancer might be the leading cause of death in the world by the end of this century. For this reason, cancer prevention can be a top priority in the healthcare field.

In the early 1960s, researchers discovered specific dietary patterns have correlations with certain types of cancer. They also discovered that some particular foods and dietary patterns may increase the risk of certain types of cancer.


Scientists found that processed meat intake can increase colorectal and other cancer risks. Scientists found heme iron in red and processed meats which have a toxic effect on cells. Ultra-processed foods like soda and energy drinks, reconstituted meat products, frozen pizzas, candy also have a strong association with an increased risk of other cancers.

Credit: Engin

So, by avoiding these types of dietary patterns you can you can reduce the risk of certain cancers and improve overall health.