Gillian Anderson Reveals Margaret Thatcher’s Unusual Manner Of Speaking


Gillian Anderson plays the role of U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on the Netflix drama “The Crown”. Gillian Anderson explained a ‘Notorious’ part of Margaret Thatcher that turned out to be ‘a gift’.


In a recent interview, Anderson explained that Thatcher’s unmistakable look was a great challenge for her. She said, “She was notorious for having bad teeth. And because she has such an overbite, I was just wanting to explore that. Everything just looked wrong.”


She explained, “were thinking about teeth prosthetics, and so we tried three or four different shapes, sizes.” Anderson explained her attempted to get into the character. She added, “It became, is that something that I can just do with my mouth, and how I hold my mouth? I actually found that, yes, that was enough. And that informed how I spoke. It was actually a gift to have made that choice, because that informed everything.”


The artist also added, “It’s an absolutely mind-blowing transformation. I’m very familiar with you as an actor, and I just could not see you. I just kept forgetting. You don’t seem at all hampered by the makeup or the wig.”

Anderson thanked the series’ hair and makeup team. She mentioned them as “extraordinary”.