Prediabetes Increases The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease


A recent study revealed that prediabetes can increase the risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke. In this situation, experts suggest a heart-healthy diet to avoiding prediabetes. Adequate exercise is also important to keep blood sugar levels in normal ranges.

Credit: Steve

The study’s lead author said, “But we found that prediabetes itself can significantly boost someone’s chance of having a major cardiovascular event, even if they never progress to having diabetes. Instead of preventing diabetes, we need to shift focus and prevent prediabetes.”


Prediabetes is when the blood sugar level is above normal. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if it is left unchecked, prediabetes can progress to type 2 diabetes. People with diabetes are twice as likely to have heart disease as those who don’t have diabetes. And cardiovascular disease like stroke is the top cause of death for people with diabetes.


An interventional cardiologist with Torrance Memorial Medical Center in California Dr. Victoria Shin suggested, “The key is to control the factors that increase your risk for them: diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, obesity, tobacco abuse. They call these risk factors ‘silent killers’ because you may ‘feel fine even though they are not controlled”.


She also mentioned that our daily habits may play important role help in this regard. She said, “When it comes to cardiovascular disease, approximately 80 percent can be prevented,” said Shin. “Yet it remains the No. 1 cause of death because risk factors such as prediabetes, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, and obesity are not well controlled.”