Cloth Mask May Limit Your Ability To Exercise


Study finds that cloth masks do make workouts a bit tougher. That’s why researchers recommend altering your workouts when wearing a cloth mask. Previously some studies assessed the impact of surgical face masks. Very few studies have tried to find out the impression of cloth masks.

Credit: congerdesign

This new study compared the exercise performance of 31 healthy adults aged between 18 and 29. These study participants ran on a treadmill to the point of exhaustion. This particular exercise was performed twice; the first time they performed this by wearing a cloth face mask and the second time unmasked.

Credit: Innviertlerin

During the study, the researchers measure their blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, exertion, and shortness of breath. It was also evaluated how it was comfortable to wear a cloth mask while exercising.

Credit: Pixabay

Simon Driver, principal investigator of this study explained, “Our results have several implications for training and performance while wearing a cloth face mask.” The study authors also added, “Second, exercise goals can be modified to reflect the reduced performance and psychological impact of wearing a cloth mask while still promoting safe goal attainment.”