Why Stress Can Be Good For You?


Studies reveal that some actions and behaviors like nurturing relationships, laughing and spending time with dearest ones can be great practice to feel happy.

People are living in a pandemic for the last year and many of us are coping with a mental health crisis. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a report where they revealed that anxiety or depression increased from 36% to 42% between August 2020 and February 2021.

Credit: Ryan McGuire

Experts suggest accepting stress as a part of life. It all about your ability to accept.  Like a rock, paper, scissors resilience can cover your stress. On the contrary, if you view your stress as harmful it can kill you.

Credit: Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke

It is not the stress that can harm. Rather our mindset towards stress can decide whether it can impact our health. Because our mindset influences the way of coping with this stress.

So just because you are experiencing a stressful situation, doesn’t indicate that it is damaging your mind. The damage of our mind mainly depends on the approach we are presenting towards stress.

Credit: Hieu Van

Sometimes a stressful situation can help us to face a difficult situation to manage. We can learn the right way of coping.  It may help us to be more resilient when we are facing bigger stressful situations.