Causes of Tooth Sensitivity


A sudden sharp sensation in our teeth while drinking something cold or eating something sour is known as tooth sensitivity. Many people are suffering from this type of tooth sensitivity worldwide. This sudden discomfort may create obstacles to take your daily foods. Here we are trying to present the major causes of tooth sensitivity.

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Type of food

The main cause of tooth sensitivity is our daily diet. When we eat acidic or hard foods it can harm our teeth. Some types of juices of citrus fruits may cause tooth sensitivity. So, if you feel sudden tooth sensitivity, you can eliminate or avoid these types of foods that cause tooth sensitivity.

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The way of brushing teeth

Sometimes we do harsh brushing that may cause tooth sensitivity. Many of us have a habit of brushing hard. If we use a hard toothbrush it can harm our teeth. That’s why we have to use a soft toothbrush that can help us to clean our teeth gently. We should not brush our teeth aggressively that may contribute to tooth sensitivity.

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Tooth whitening

Tooth sensitivity can be a side effect of whitening treatment. If you use overly harsh whitening products it may cause tooth sensitivity. Even whitening teeth frequently may increase the risk of tooth sensitivity.

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Some other causes like tooth decay, recent dental work, the split tooth may also play a vital role in tooth sensitivity. If you want to avoid the suffering of tooth sensitivity, you have to eliminate these causes.