A Brand-New Release of Metronomy’s Third Album


Metronomy announced that their third album ‘The English Riviera’ is going to release be a brand-new album on its 10th anniversary. They confirmed that ‘Picking Up For You’ is the first taste of six unreleased tracks set to feature in this album. That record is considered one of the best albums of 2011. It was a critical breakthrough for the band.

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The track ‘The English Riviera’ was based on Torbay. It was written about the South Devon borough of towns covering Torquay, Paignton, and Brixham. It explored the pleasures and frustrations of growing up by the seaside.

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It is heard that the new 10th-anniversary edition will also feature some unreleased songs. Those six previously unreleased tracks are ‘Aquarius’, ‘Picking Up For You’, ‘French Organ’, ‘Friends’, ‘The Ballad Of The 17 Year Old’, and ‘Jazz Odyssey’. These will be included as bonus tracks in this release. Fans can buy this reissue from next month. It will be available in a limited edition.

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The band spoke about the anniversary and Mount who grew up in Totnes said, “I was tinkering around with one of Marion’s keyboards and after a short while came up with the bit that gets stuck in your head; the der-de-der-der bit. I played around with it a little, hit a wall, and thought ‘it’s not really Metronomy, is it’.

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Mount also added, “When we perform ‘The Look’ live and I hear thousands of people chanting the bit that gets stuck in your head back at me, der-de-der-der, it often brings a tear to my eye. It really is amazing what that seaside song and this whole album has done for Metronomy.”

The band has proved their ability to reinvent and still maintain their love for pop songs. Fans are eagerly looking forward to the sequel.