Necessity Of Invest More On Adolescent Mental Health


When we are passing our adolescence period, we may face many changes like changing schools, leaving home, and starting university. In these early years of adulthood, some of us have to start professional life. We all have to take extra stress and apprehension that may cause anxiety and depression in our life. For this reason, we need to invest more in mental health improvement in this period of life.

Credit: Sasin Tipchai

If you are unable to recognize or handle the extra load of your life, it may lead to mental illness. Especially it can be serious for adolescents or those who are passing their early stage of adulthood. Nowadays the virtual world is playing a vital role in our life.

Credit: Kevin Phillips

Our adolescents are highly controlled by the virtual network they are connected to. Though this online culture is bringing many benefits, the virtual network also creating pressure on the human mind and relation. 

Credit: Luisella Planeta Leoni

Many adolescents who are living in a natural disaster or epidemic-prone area can be more vulnerable to mental distress and illness. A huge number of people among these vulnerable adolescents are suffering from mental illnesses like depression. Still, suicide is one of the main causes of death among the 15-to 29-year-old age group. 

Credit: J. Ketelaars

In this situation, we all need to take an appropriate step for proper prevention. We have to raise awareness in our society. Parents and teachers need to help the young generation to build life skills. Adolescents need to learn how to cope with reality. They have to face everyday challenges at home as well as at school. The proper initiative should be taken so that they can reach experts for any psychological support. Especially after this pandemic period, we all need to be concern about adolescent mental health.