Importance of Taking Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables


No doubt fruits and vegetables are important factors to improve health. These are an obvious part of our sustainable diet. We get essential minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber from our fruits and vegetables.

Credit: Steve Buissinne

Especially seasonal fruits and vegetables are good sources of important nutrients that our body requires. These also tend to have a lower environmental impact than animal-based foods.

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Each fruit and vegetable require a specific condition and environment for proper growth. That’s why different fruits and vegetables are harvested in different locations and seasons. Experts reveal that the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is the highest after harvesting and reducing overtime.

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If we want to get the maximum nutrition benefits from the harvested fruits and vegetables, we have to consume those as early as possible. As long as we store these fruits and vegetables, the nutrition quality will reduce.

Credit: Devon Breen

When you buy local seasonal fruits and vegetables, you can avail more nutrition from a larger variety of seasonal items. These are the best environmental options for intaking more nutrition. So, we shouldn’t decline the chance of increasing our immunity by consuming more and more local and seasonal fruits and vegetables.