Quick Tips For a Healthy Diet


A healthy and balanced diet can provide many benefits, especially during this pandemic period. Our foods and drinks contain lots of vitamins and minerals that can help us to fight against infections. Our food habit also influences our health problems later in life like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and many more.

Credit: Vidmir Raic

Different parts of our body perform different functions and the whole process is incredibly complex. You may not find any single food component that can provide all the requirements of our body. Different foods contain different nutrition values that keep us strong and healthy. That’s why it is very important to consume a variety of foods that are rich in different types of nutrition. You can take a mix of staple foods like wheat and legumes. Try to take plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Foods from animal sources also a good source of good nutrition.

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Try to cut back on salt. While taking snacks, you can choose unsalted nuts and fruits instead of taking foods rich in sugars, fats, and salt. Excessive consumption of saturated fats may increase the risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. For this reason, you can replace butter and cheese with any healthier oil like sunflower oil. Try to avoid red meat and consume plant-based protein. 

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Finally, you must have to limit your sugar consumption. Too much sugar may cause obesity which leads to serious chronic health problems. So, it is very important to reduce intaking harmful sweets and sugary drinks from your daily diet. You also shouldn’t allow excessive salt and sugar to your kids. Experts don’t recommend adding sugars in complementary foods for children under age two.