As Kids, Milk is Also Good For Adults


As human beings, most of us start consuming foods through our mother’s breast milk or formula milk after getting born in this world. After growing older we are asked to drink cow milk or other animal milk to get avail adequate nutrients. 

Credit: S. Hermann & F. Richter

Milk is a good source that provides lots of nutrients to our daily balanced diet. It is an important source of vitamin D, calcium, and other necessary nutrition. But as we grow older, we often start drinking other beverages like tea and coffee.

Credit: Daniel Mena

We often forget the benefits of consuming milk. Many of us believe that drinking milk is a little bit childish. But we have to remember that milk is not just for kids. It is also a good source of nutrients for adults.

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You can get a wide range of health benefits by drinking milk. To have strong and healthy bones we have to consume a sufficient amount of milk daily. Because it is loaded with several essential minerals and vitamins including vitamins B, vitamin D, phosphorous, protein, and many more. 

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As kids, an adult person needs to intake some portion of milk daily. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the amount of taking milk. But you should remember that too much of something never yield a good result for your body. Expert advice to consume two glasses of milk per day. You can take one glass in the morning and another glass of milk can be taken before bed. This amount of milk is sufficient to provide an adequate amount of nutrients for your body.