Study Shows Fried-Food Intake Is Linked To Major Heart Disease


Recent pooled data analysis revealed that fried-food consumption is associated with serious heart disease. This type of food habit also increases the risk of stroke. This recent study shows that you may raise the risk of heart disease by taking more fried food. The research finding was published online in the journal Heart. Here is a glimpse of the research finding for you. 


The analysis indicates that the risk rises with each additional 114 g weekly serving. The researchers said, “It’s clear that the Western diet doesn’t promote good cardiovascular health, but it’s not clear exactly what contribution fried food might make to the risks of serious heart disease and stroke”

Credit: Sharon Ang

The researchers mainly analyzed all the relevant studies published up to April 2020 and tried to shed some light on this issue. They trawled research databases where 562,445 participants were involved. They analyzed 36,727 major cardiovascular incidents related to heart attack and stroke. They pooled all the available data to assess cardiovascular disease risk. They also analyzed data of 85,906 deaths for a specific period of 9.5 years. 

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The main goal of the researchers to find the potential link between fried food consumption and deaths from cardiovascular disease and from any cause. The research finding showed that weekly fried food consumption was associated with a 28% heightened risk of major cardiovascular events like coronary heart disease or heart failure.

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However, more research is required to draw any conclusion. Researchers said that how exactly fried foods might influence the development of the cardiovascular disease isn’t entirely clear yet.