Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen’s Evolving Love Story


Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen remain head over heels in love and have been married for 25 years. Here is the secret of this amazing love story.

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Mary Steenburgen explained their beautiful relationship in her sweet words. She said, “I used to think that I was Mr. Enlightenment, madly present and in love with Mary…And true—that was true. But, I also noticed, Oh, I used to like half-listen and then figure out what she was saying, and then decide what I was going to say and then interrupt her. ‘Cause I’m going fast, I’m going fast here.”

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The two-time Emmy winner admitted that the coronavirus pandemic might behoove them to slow down and spend more quality time together. He said, “There’s so many little silver linings in our relationship,” He also added. “One last thing and I’ll let this go. At 72, and Mary’s 67, I think we might have gone really fast until the end. And taking this moment almost feels like a little gift.”

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Danson lamented multiple times that much suffering in the world was occurring amid the circumstances and now he took advantage of his unusually light schedule to become a better partner. So basically, the star of CheersThe Good Place and Mr. Mayor may be the perfect husband. He decided to take care of himself and listen to his wife instead of interrupting to speed to the next thing.

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In a celebratory Instagram post, Steenburgen wrote, “Happy 25th Anniversary! This was SUPPOSED to be a sweet loving anniversary photo but you have a big piece of salad in your teeth. So, there it is. Thank you for making me laugh today and every single one of the last 9,125 days. You are the goofiest, wisest, kindest, dreamboat in the world. True, that is a big ass piece of salad but even that doesn’t mar your legendary beauty.”