The Health Benefits of Gentian Root


Gentian root is an herb that is popularly used for years. It is used for many medical purposes in different areas of the world. It comes from a large genus of plants. These plants usually grow in the highlands of Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Here is a brief explanation of the health benefits of gentian root.

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People used gentian root for hundreds of years. It is popularly used to fight inflammation and swelling. It is also used to treat infected wounds. It can serve as an antidote to animal poison.

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This herb comes from flowering plants in the Gentiana genus. It includes more than 400 species and can be found in a variety of beautiful colors. However, people used only the root for medicinal purposes.

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Though gentian root tastes bitter, people used to water it to treat swelling in the liver spleen, and stomach. Nowadays it is also considered as a component of alcoholic aperitifs which are served before meals as appetite.

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Gentian root contains iridoids, secoiridoids, xanthones, gentiopicroside, and flavonoids. These components are very helpful for anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, this herb helps the people with inflammatory conditions. It is assumed that it may good for the people with arthritis too.

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However, the important to note that the component gentiopicroside is not available in raw forms of gentian root. It only exists in dried gentian root. Still, sufficient research is required to know the vast impact and side effects of gentian root.