Surprising Cooking Tips For Everyday Life


If you have just started cooking in your kitchen then you may be learning how to chop, roast, season, and much more. You might be searching for the most useful cooking hacks that can make your cooking smooth as well as save time. Here are some surprising effective cooking tips that you can start applying to your kitchen today.

Credit: Anastasia Gepp

Use a paper towel to keep your cutting board in place

When you try to chop on your cutting board then you might face a problem that it doesn’t stay strictly and keeps sliding all the time. It is very annoying and kills your chopping time. You can easily lock it by using a damp towel. You just have to place it under the chopping board and it will not slide anymore while chopping anything.

Credit: Jan Vašek

Apply a bench scraper to transfer ingredients from a cutting board

When you use a sharp knife to transfer ingredients from a cutting board, it will dull the sharpness of the knife over time. Rather you should use a bench scraper to move the vegetables from the cutting board. This will also save your chopping time. Because bench scraper is large enough to hold enough food at once.

Credit: Catkin

Use baking soda in tomato sauce

If you want to avoid sugar to a pot of marinara sauce then you can add some baking soda. Because tomatoes are a bit acidic. After adding some baking soda to your sauce, you need to cook for a few minutes. Then you can take the bite out of the flavor. You can preserve it for a long time and make your Italian pasta dishes delicious with your home-made tomato sauce.

Credit: congerdesign

Add sour cream while making scrambled eggs

Sour cream can make your scrambled eggs softer and creamy. While you are holding your scrambled eggs for a big brunch, you need to use sour cream for extra-smooth scrambled eggs. After removing the eggs from the heat add sour cream to make it more creamy and softer. You have to add about 1/4 cup of sour cream per dozen eggs.