Jana Kramer Reveals Her Reaction to Her Husband’s Cheating Claims


In the latest Whine Down podcast episode, Jana Kramer reveals her reaction when a social media user claimed Mike Caussin had been cheating on her. She mentioned that she always trusts her husband Mike Caussin over a stranger. 

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Recently the popular singer and actress express many of her personal feelings on the new episode of iHeartRadio’s Whine Down podcast. She started off the show with a big confession. Jana said that she received a direct message from a follower who claimed her husband Mike cheated on her.

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According to Jana, the user’s message simply stated, “Mike cheated again. I’m sorry.” Jana asked for proof, but the person failed to reveal anything. The person’s profile had zero followers and Jana couldn’t believe that person over her husband.

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Jana said, “The really sucky thing about it is my default can’t go to there’s no way… That’s where it hurts the most. I can’t go ‘I trust him 1,000%. He would never do that.’ And that’s where it stung.”

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However, Jana’s husband Mike denied the allegations. He told Jana to call the user to get more information. But the person deleted their account.