Write Down Your Negative Thoughts


Our brain performs a number of complicated actions all over the day. It deals with a nebulous cloud of words and feelings floating around inside our heads. The process of translating them into solid, concise statements can be illuminating. Most of us have a habit of taking our thoughts at face value. These practices have a negative impact on our mental health.

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Particularly our negative thoughts are often distorted and require further investigation. Therefore, experts recommend keeping a log of negative thoughts to practice self-care and increase self-awareness. It will help you to manage anxiety and stay mindful.

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Write down your negative thoughts either in a notebook or a random word doc. When you write down all your thoughts, it will help you to identify the real patterns of your thinking process. Our thoughts can often be distorted. But when we write it down it can be more organized. You can be able to evaluate those more efficiently.

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Keeping a log of your negative thoughts will help you to figure out how to feel better in a bad situation. Some people have a tendency to speculate a lot about things that are beyond their control and it makes themselves feel bad. An organized and reasonable thinking process might be a good solution to overcome this distorted thinking process. Writing down the negative thoughts can be a good and easy step against this type of problematic thinking process.

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The act of writing your thoughts is also a good therapeutic process for managing stress and anxiety. When you writing your thought out, you can realize that some of your thoughts are overblown, irrational, silly, or wrong and you don’t need to worry about those. So, write your negative thought down and give your thinking process a scientific shape.